Top Qualities To Look for In Candidates When Hiring

Everyone wants to hire the best at their company, but what does the best look like? We’ve all seen resumes of candidates who seem like the star player a team might be missing, and some who seem like they really have nothing special to offer.

When wading through the applications that come in, it’s essential to know the top qualities you’re looking for before you begin the hiring process. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss out on important details. Instead of losing the best applicants, remember these qualities:

Relevant work experience

This seems obvious, but that’s why it’s a top consideration. You want to make sure the applicant is capable of completing the job they’re applying for, so paying attention to what they’ve done is crucial. This is more than simply matching job titles and seeing if they’re the same as yours. Ideally, the candidate should send a specific resume pulling out how their experience from past jobs apply directly to this position.


This is something that might be clear during the application phase, but it’s more prominent during the actual interviews. A person who cares about they do is an always an asset. There are lots of cues, from the wording they use on a resume and the successes they share to their mannerisms and energy when discussing it in an interview. You want someone who will bring that drive to your company.


Has the candidate always worked in the same field or have they branched out? Are those fields related to what your company does or completely different? If your candidate has positions in a number of different types of business, it might prove they’re good at learning new worlds and adapting easily. If you see they stick to one industry, it might indicate a more specific skill set.


When looking through your applicant’s experience, always check the dates of employment. Perhaps they’ve been employed in several great positions, but none lasted longer than a year. Turnover is to be expected, but someone who seems like they’re always looking for the next best thing might not be a great fit for your team.

We’ll match talent to your opportunities

These are just a few of the qualities that can indicate whether or not someone is a top candidate. Instead of wading through the application and interview process yourself, trust LaJoy Group for your home health care and staffing agency needs. Let us prove to you why we’re one of the most trusted agencies in Michigan today.


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