3 Benefits Millennials Look For While Job Hunting

The conversation surrounding millennials in the workplace ranges from groans to exasperated sighs. Those from older generations look down on an age group considered lazy and entitled by many, although the better term is misunderstood. Regardless of your feelings, they’ve made up the majority of the workforce for two years and it’s time to speak their language.

Many incorrectly assume the best way to attract and keep millennial talent is interesting and open workspaces filled with beer on tap and ping pong. While these things may be appealing, they’re actually only on the surface of what millennials want out of an employer. Instead of missing your chance, consider these three benefits millennials desire.


With a generation known for job hunting, it’s interesting to think they desire stability, but they do. It’s true millennials seek fulfillment, but they’re also looking for something reliable. More than their own commitment issues, millennials want to feel like an employer is committed to them to give them a sense of belonging and peace instead of uncertainty.

Considering the enormous amount of debt the generation is in, it’s not hard to understand why they want a job they know they can keep for years to come. More than that, they want an employer who offers them decent benefits, like healthcare and equal matching 401(k)s.

Work-Life Balance

Did you know over 30 percent of millennials quit their jobs because they don’t feel they have the necessary work-life balance? Before you dismiss this as naivety or laziness, consider the benefits of being flexible.

In a culture where experience rules over accumulating stuff, it’s important to recognize the workforce is changing as well. Working 9 to 5 every day in an office isn’t the norm. Providing the flexibility for your employees, especially your millennials, creates happier and more committed employees who feel they can take on both their lives and job.

Opportunities for Growth

Many millennials graduate ready to hit the ground running and their goals may often overshadow that of an entry-level position. They want to join a company where they can grow and advance. Because they are constantly looking up if you have the right opportunities you can attract a team member who’s committed for the long haul.

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