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LaJoy Group will provide the highest quality service by understanding your expectations of a successful partnership. These expectations help build a framework and define the service standards.

LaJoy Group’s growth has been fueled through the establishment of partnering relationships with private, public and non-profit corporations.

We have made our most significant contributions to organizations which take a strategic, unique approach to designing and managing their workforce and their non-core business functions.

Staffing Solutions

LaJoy Group provides of a wide range of staffing solutions.  LaJoy Group employs and manages people in their call centers, engineering departments, technical functions, administrative functions, production areas and much more.  We develop client specific hiring criteria, assessments, recruiting, training and orientation.

Short Term:  LaJoy Group meets fluctuating staffing requirements such as project and peak work loads quickly.

Long Term:  LaJoy Group employs and supervises employees for functions or departments on an extended or contractual basis.

Contract Solutions

End-to-end workforce management solution; client specific hiring criteria, recruiting, compensation administration, performance reviews, employee benefits, payroll, workers compensation, unemployment, employee health and safety, and on-site management.

LaJoy Group assumes complete responsibility for managing people, functions, productivity, quality and retention.

HR Solutions

LaJoy Group manages aspects of the employment relationship including: new hire orientations, pre-employment verifications and payroll.

Home Health Care Solutions

We provide safe and professional services while reducing stress and maintain clients’ independence by focusing on the clients’ satisfaction, deliver personal care, utilize trained and qualified staff, and commits to being a leader in care in Southeast Michigan.

Benefits of our Solutions

  • Greater workforce flexibility
  • Off-load screening, assessment and selection of talent
  • Desire to improve service levels
  • Better managed costs

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